Warcraft III/Warcraft III: Reforged Patch 1.31.1 wurde veröffentlicht


Derzeit kommt richtig Schwung in die Bude. Blizzard Patch derzeit was das Zeug hält. Soeben wurde der Patch 1.31.1 freigegeben und kann runtergeladen werden.

Alle weiteren Details, des aktuellen Patches, erfahrt ihr wie immer aus den Patchnotes:

Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers,

Thanks for the help on PTR over the weekend. We’ll keep an eye on live health, but hope we’ve addressed the major issues introduced with 1.31 so the team can pour full effort into Reforged.

There is a problem patching from in game that may result in an infinite loop. WE are working on a fix, but you can use the standalone updater if you encounter this issue.


● All natives are now zero-indexed


● The game successfully regains focus to fullscreen after minimizing during download or lobby transitions
● Custom maps appear on the game creation list
● Browsing the game creation list no longer causes a crash
● Lua maps no longer crash on save
● Map data no longer corrupts on save
● Illusion no longer deals 1 damage
● Elf units set to patrol or follow during the night cycle no longer remain in Shadowmeld
● Using Staff of Teleport on a possessed worker followed by casting Scroll of Teleport no longer causes a desync
● Video options are saved when switching between windowed and fullscreen mode with Alt+Enter
● Units\Creeps\Medivh\GenericGlow2_mip1.blp no longer missing
● Objects\InventoryItems\PotofGold\GOLDCoin.blp no longer missing
● (2)Terenas Stand LV – Each Dark Wizard replaced with a Renegade Wizard and a Rogue

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